One should think that problems that often are to be found in countries nowhere near Norway, would not affect us. However that is not the case, many people look at unemployment and unrest as more of a local problem, but actually unemployment and unrest is one of the world problems that influense us the most and that we are a part of making. The problem is that many of the people in developing countries has the possibility to educate themself, however there is no job for them when they are done with the education. This is more of a local problem, the country doesn’t have any job for the younger people and this leads to less income for the companies. Many companies in other countries use this to their advantage, by giving jobs to the people in developing countries, they dont get paid much, in fact, nearly nothing at all. However, this is not the main problem. In many ways you can say that the problem is actually the consequences of unrest and unemployment. Terror is a growing problem in the world, often is the cause of terror unrest. ISIS, Al Qaida and Boko Harem, all are they terror organisations who comes from poorer region of the world, and their supporters are people who are pushed out of the society. We pay the consecuenses, industrial countries are often the target in terror.

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