Unemployment and Unrest Edit

People in countries in poorer regions of the world often live on a salary consisting of less than two dollars a day. People in richer parts of the world thinks this only affects the poorer regions, and directly, it does. Poorer regions of the world, such as Africa and south America is the most affected countries, people in these countries are the victims of child work, and many of them work for less than 2 dollars a day. People educate themself only to discover there are no jobs left for them.    
Poor woman in Parambikkulam, India

Effect on developing countries Edit

Unrest is a serious problem in developing countries, how does the problem affect the people living in the country?

Who is causing the issue? Edit

The problem starts in developing countries, however, companies and fabrics in richer countries only worsens the problem. In some countries the problem is in fact a result of the western interference in these countries.

Effect on the world Edit

We have already seen the effect of the problem in developing countries, however, the problem also effect us in the richer part of the world. Terrorism and immigration is just a few consequences that the world needs to deal with.

Solving the problem Edit

Solving the problem might be harder than you think. The solution to stopping unrest and unemployment is presented many times, but the countries who can solve the problem are not interested because they can't earn money on the solution. Solving the problem will therefore be to convince that to help developing countries is for the benefit of the hole world.

Welcome to the Unemployment and Unrest WikiaEdit

This wikia is a school project, written by four students from Eikeli, Norway. The content of this wikia will enlighten you about the situation that is unrest and unemployment in developing countries in the world. PS! Do mind that the views we present in some parts of the wikia is not ment to be objective, this is our views. Do feel free to contact us on if you want to edit our wikia :)

Jakarta slumhome 2

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Unemployment and unrest is a minor issue in the world today. About half of the worlds population have an income, less than $2 a day. 2 dollars is not enough for a proper place to live, in addition to food and clothes. This leads to poverty, suffering, and dying people every day.

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