It is hard to point out one responsible group of people to this problem, because I think everybody shares some guilt. We can divide the world into three groups; the unemployed people, the small and corrupt elite commonly found in developing countries, and the rest of the world. Each of the three groups are responsible for the problem, but in different ways.


The small and corrupt elite, is typically created by rebellions, and bribery of the government. They take money from the national treasury, and spend it on luxury items for themselves, instead of fixing issues in the country. Public facilities, such as schools and health care is crucial for a society, but cannot be driven without money. The fall of schools leads to bad development and big slum areas. Slum areas grows by their selves, and the unemployment rate keeps expanding. Maybe it seems weird to claim that the unemployed people are responsible for the high level unemployment, but they are in fact. Poor people usually gets lots of children, and more people leads to more people without a job, because there is just a certain number of jobs available, and the number does not grow in line with the growing population. The rest of the world is also causing unemployment and unrest, because we do exploit poorer people by paying next to nothing for their products. If we paid a little more, it would help the countries to make schools. We could eventually send money and also help depose corrupt leaders.


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